Why bother with debates if it’s just noise?

by Lutfi Hakim

The literal debates that happen in parliament ought to appeal to the common folk beyond who swore what today. It doesn’t matter if it was uttered by government or opposition MPs, the lack of decorum isn’t only a waste of time, it’s a waste of public funds that should be channeled to bringing up things that matter.

You could say the same of big-ticket scandals like 1MDB, corruption scandals, blame-throwing, etc. They are all real concerns, besides providing fodder for the running political telenovela that is Malaysian politics, but they matter less and less to people who increasingly struggle to earn an honest buck daily.

Do the people not voice out their views through the many official and unofficial channels exist of what their going through? These should be the maladies that our elected officials elect to remedy, and direct their attention towards the roots of the injustices that exist. MPs ought to ask questions that strike straight to the core of these inequalities, including the lack of opportunities in the job market, the never-ending debt- and wage-slavery and exploitation that are lived by by most.

These kinds of issues should be front and center today, especially in this environment of economic uncertainty for the individual. Our political forums ought to be more than just jousting matches to appease the chattering classes, but outlets where the man on the street can find themselves heard.